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Order a Spectrum Bundle and Save

Triple Play Select

125+ Channels



each for 12 mos when bundled

Triple Play Silver

175+ Channels



more than SELECT for 12 mos

Triple Play Gold

200+ Channels



more than SILVER for 12 mos

Spectrum Triple Play

With its cutting-edge service, Spectrum brings you the most complete way to access all your entertainment across all your screens. And with Triple Play bundle deals, you can combine your digital TV, high-speed Internet, and voice services onto one bill, from one provider, all at one reduced price. 

With tiered TV package options (ranging from 125 to 200+ TV channels), you’ll get the most HD programming possible. And you can even add extra channels onto your package.

Plus, by bundling you services through one provider, not only are you simplifying your life, you’re also saving a bunch of money in the process – and giving yourself a great entertainment experience. 

Spectrum Double Play

The Double Play bundle works in a similar way to the Triple Play – just with more flexibility. The Double Play lets you can pair up the two Time Warner Spectrum services you want the most, while still taking advantage of all the phenomenal TV, Internet, and Voice offerings. 

So if just one of these phenomenal TV, Internet, and Voice offerings doesn’t sound like enough amazing entertainment for your home, then get a Double Play! You’ll still receive the same great savings and service, only now you’ll get even more of it!